Thursday, July 02, 2009

Who took my Pass Certificate?

While arranging all documents for my enrollment at the Bar Council, I suddenly realised that I do not have the Pass Certificates for both my Board examinations with me. My initial reaction was that of denial and shock. After I have searched my whole house twice, I agreed that indeed I have neglected to collect my Pass Certificates from both my schools. I desperately needed my ISC Pass Certificate for my enrollment and I wondered what I should do.
Whoever I asked, told me that the school will give me an earful for being so stupid. Moreover, people were of the opinion that I might not get them after so many years. But desperation led me to try my luck with my alma maters.
I said a silent prayer and first called up The Future Foundation School for my ISC Certificate. I asked a Mr. Chandan Pal in the office whether I would get my Certificate. With a calm in his voice, he told me "Yes, You will have to come and collect it". Then I told him that I have passed out in 2004. He assured me and said that there would be no problem. I kept the phone down and silently mouthed "Hurrah"!
Next, I called up Gokhale Memorial Girls' School. We were issued our Pass Certificates along with our Mark Sheets, but it carried a wrong date. We had all returned them and were supposed to receive new ones. But I forgot to collect the new Certificate. Here, the female who had answered, was a little gruff. She told me that I will have to apply to the Head Mistress and then collect it another day. I reminded with a little trepidation that I passed in 2002. This proved to be of no consequence again. :-)
I heaved an immense sigh of relief. I am glad to think that I will get both my certificates. But in the whole process, I will do something that I have been wishing to do for quite sometime - visit my old schools once again.

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