Sunday, July 22, 2007

Give Peace a Chance

Dear earthlings,

I woke up in a shocked state
To find blood in my room
And how the thunderous noise outside
Made the morning gloom

I peeped outside and oh!
Was anything on fire?
Bright red flames danced all over
Never did they tire

Thick clouds engulfed the sky
With a complete blackness
Which my vision failed to pierce
Leaving me totally helpless

Then the answer dawned --- this was
One of those vicious wars
That you all fight for no cause
And leave each other in torns

As most of you voice against violence
I know I can hope within
You will give peace a chance
For a better world to live in

-----Love from Mother Earth

[This poem won me the first prize in a creative writing competition organised by the All-India Anglo Association in St James' School, Kolkata in 2003]