Thursday, April 17, 2008

Foods of Kolkata!!!

Well, after writing so much about Delhi food, I decided that it would be really unfair if I, as a true Bong from Kolkata, leave out our own foodie post. But this list has not been compiled by me, I read it at, a blog by a Probashi Bong, in love with his food. Even he claims that the list came to him as an email forward from some one anonymous. Now, its time I start reading all email forwards with more enthusiasm; who knew such wonderful forwards were doing the rounds!
But though it is copy-pasted, I have improvised a little according to my taste buds and added a few places here and there...So enjoy eating, er.. reading...Will keep updating...Watch out for this space...

Kabiraji Cutlet from Regent (S N Banerjee Road)
Moghlai Parota from Anadi Cabin (S N Banerjee Road)
Kosha Mangsho from Golbari (Shyambazar)
Phulkopir Singara from Mrityunjoy (Lansdowne)
Roll from Kusum (Park Steet), Iceberg (Golepark) & Nizam
Chicken Rezala from Shabbir (off C R Avenue)
Beef Steak at Oly pub with beer (Park Street)
Telebhaja from Putiram (College Street)
Daab Chigri and Chingri-r Malaikari from Kewpies (Elgin Road) and Bhojohori Manna (Hazra)
Fish Fry and ButterFish from Bengal (Behala)
Mochar Chop and Dhoka from Apanjan (Sadananda Road)
Boudir’s Lebu Cha (Deshapriya Park)
Kochuri & Tarkari from Tasty Corner (Mandeville Gardens)
Phuchka/Churmur/ Dahi Phuchka from Bilas or Boudi (Southern Avenue)

These are unmatched:
Chelo Kabab from Peter Cat (Peter Cat)

Biriyani (the best is at Arsalan, Park Circus)
Phulkopir Shingara: samosas don’t stand a chance against these.
Phuchka: gol-gappas are only my second love, mind you
Luchi: puri and phulkas - no comparison.
Alurdom: the world’s best. Try the offering at Vivekananda Park.
Jhalmuri: a unique concoction, with nothing to equal it.
Telebhaaja: these and jhalmuri are like ‘made for each other’

Chanachur: many have tried unsuccesfully to steal the formula, MNCs included!
Alukaabli: especially in Southern Avenue
Ghugni: again, chana is not the same at all. (And mangshe’r ghugni is even better)
Radhaballavi: try it with alurdom or cholar daal.
Chicken Chaanp: even Pakistani cricketers have sampled these, in Chitpur.
Rezala: (Aminia, Shiraj, Nizam etc): out of this world!
Sharbat from Paradise (Esplanade): there is one which is green, and another, pink. No college student from Presidency or the University has failed to sample these!
Mutton Afghani: an equally innovative presentation of the mutton cutlet. (Coffee House)
Coffee from Coffee House: try the float with ice cream(can tear apart others…)

The sweeter side:-

Amritti (Jalebis are no match)
Roshomalai: a creamy, mouth-watering delight!
Jilipi: smaller than the jalebis and tastes quite different.
Lal(Misti) doi: is an experience by itself!
Kamala bhog: a pale yellow orb, delicately sweetened.
Notun gurer sondesh: a winter speciality available in no other city.

Rabri: especially of Sharmas, Gariahat

Rosogolla: K C Das is the most famous brand!
Natun gurer Rosogolla: the latest innovation.
Shitabhog: pure white, sweetened to just the right extent.
Mihi Dana: golden yellow, saffron scented.
Maalpoa: rich brown pancakes, dripping in sugar syrup.
Ranga alur pithey: another traditional favourite in winter.

And a few more specialities:-
1. Aamer morobba - the best outside Gariahat market
2. Kuler achar - the best outside Gariahat market
3. Shukno mashla makha tetul - Available with the churanwalas outside all schools, much to the delight of the students and dismay of theparents !!
4. Dulaler tal mishri
5. Dulaler hojmi - mind boggling and healthy too
6. Bikrampurer kashundi - Mustard just pales next to this
7. Churmur - A mixture of potatoes, phuchka and other masalas, and unheard of in the rest of the country.
8. Muri ghonto - Defies description, a concoction of fish head and rice
9. Mochar chop - A delight even for the staunchest non vegetarians
10. Kumro phul bhaja - In tiny little food joints around Chittaranjan Avenue
11. Kada paker sandesh - A sure winner, especially the jalbhara talshansh with the liquid gur filling, which is sublime
12. Darbesh - Our own version of the laddoo
13. Bondey - a sticky sweet delicacy
14. Patishapta - A delicate crepe with a filling of coconut and gur
15. Chhanar payesh - Better than rabdi anyday and does not weigh your stomach down…"

And the list goes on.....