Thursday, April 17, 2008

Foods of Kolkata!!!

Well, after writing so much about Delhi food, I decided that it would be really unfair if I, as a true Bong from Kolkata, leave out our own foodie post. But this list has not been compiled by me, I read it at, a blog by a Probashi Bong, in love with his food. Even he claims that the list came to him as an email forward from some one anonymous. Now, its time I start reading all email forwards with more enthusiasm; who knew such wonderful forwards were doing the rounds!
But though it is copy-pasted, I have improvised a little according to my taste buds and added a few places here and there...So enjoy eating, er.. reading...Will keep updating...Watch out for this space...

Kabiraji Cutlet from Regent (S N Banerjee Road)
Moghlai Parota from Anadi Cabin (S N Banerjee Road)
Kosha Mangsho from Golbari (Shyambazar)
Phulkopir Singara from Mrityunjoy (Lansdowne)
Roll from Kusum (Park Steet), Iceberg (Golepark) & Nizam
Chicken Rezala from Shabbir (off C R Avenue)
Beef Steak at Oly pub with beer (Park Street)
Telebhaja from Putiram (College Street)
Daab Chigri and Chingri-r Malaikari from Kewpies (Elgin Road) and Bhojohori Manna (Hazra)
Fish Fry and ButterFish from Bengal (Behala)
Mochar Chop and Dhoka from Apanjan (Sadananda Road)
Boudir’s Lebu Cha (Deshapriya Park)
Kochuri & Tarkari from Tasty Corner (Mandeville Gardens)
Phuchka/Churmur/ Dahi Phuchka from Bilas or Boudi (Southern Avenue)

These are unmatched:
Chelo Kabab from Peter Cat (Peter Cat)

Biriyani (the best is at Arsalan, Park Circus)
Phulkopir Shingara: samosas don’t stand a chance against these.
Phuchka: gol-gappas are only my second love, mind you
Luchi: puri and phulkas - no comparison.
Alurdom: the world’s best. Try the offering at Vivekananda Park.
Jhalmuri: a unique concoction, with nothing to equal it.
Telebhaaja: these and jhalmuri are like ‘made for each other’

Chanachur: many have tried unsuccesfully to steal the formula, MNCs included!
Alukaabli: especially in Southern Avenue
Ghugni: again, chana is not the same at all. (And mangshe’r ghugni is even better)
Radhaballavi: try it with alurdom or cholar daal.
Chicken Chaanp: even Pakistani cricketers have sampled these, in Chitpur.
Rezala: (Aminia, Shiraj, Nizam etc): out of this world!
Sharbat from Paradise (Esplanade): there is one which is green, and another, pink. No college student from Presidency or the University has failed to sample these!
Mutton Afghani: an equally innovative presentation of the mutton cutlet. (Coffee House)
Coffee from Coffee House: try the float with ice cream(can tear apart others…)

The sweeter side:-

Amritti (Jalebis are no match)
Roshomalai: a creamy, mouth-watering delight!
Jilipi: smaller than the jalebis and tastes quite different.
Lal(Misti) doi: is an experience by itself!
Kamala bhog: a pale yellow orb, delicately sweetened.
Notun gurer sondesh: a winter speciality available in no other city.

Rabri: especially of Sharmas, Gariahat

Rosogolla: K C Das is the most famous brand!
Natun gurer Rosogolla: the latest innovation.
Shitabhog: pure white, sweetened to just the right extent.
Mihi Dana: golden yellow, saffron scented.
Maalpoa: rich brown pancakes, dripping in sugar syrup.
Ranga alur pithey: another traditional favourite in winter.

And a few more specialities:-
1. Aamer morobba - the best outside Gariahat market
2. Kuler achar - the best outside Gariahat market
3. Shukno mashla makha tetul - Available with the churanwalas outside all schools, much to the delight of the students and dismay of theparents !!
4. Dulaler tal mishri
5. Dulaler hojmi - mind boggling and healthy too
6. Bikrampurer kashundi - Mustard just pales next to this
7. Churmur - A mixture of potatoes, phuchka and other masalas, and unheard of in the rest of the country.
8. Muri ghonto - Defies description, a concoction of fish head and rice
9. Mochar chop - A delight even for the staunchest non vegetarians
10. Kumro phul bhaja - In tiny little food joints around Chittaranjan Avenue
11. Kada paker sandesh - A sure winner, especially the jalbhara talshansh with the liquid gur filling, which is sublime
12. Darbesh - Our own version of the laddoo
13. Bondey - a sticky sweet delicacy
14. Patishapta - A delicate crepe with a filling of coconut and gur
15. Chhanar payesh - Better than rabdi anyday and does not weigh your stomach down…"

And the list goes on.....


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mrunmayee said...

misha!!!..finalllly read yur blog...its a really good read...and i loved yur poems!!..simple , pretentious...

also read yur posts abt Delhi etc...since i used to take the same me i very well understand how it was!!!

driver said...

pls pls don't write this kinda' stuff anymore, weight jetuku komchhilo double regained hoe jabe!!..hav' too much to comment on, so ud refrain from it!!just a "summary of the overview of the tip of the iceberg"--
1. rashbiharee-r moDe (new light opticals-r foot) aloordum, nimbu marke!
2. alia-r halim!
3. chadneer sidey "hotel"-e beef biryani
4.bijolee grill-e prawn cutlet/pakoda
5. radhubabu
6. uttorer brain chop
7.hajra-r moDe kochuri
6. Banaphool-e moglai
8. new market-r oppo foot-e new empire lagoa chana batora
9. sriram arcade-r shamne mixed chaat
10. nagerbazar moDe niramish telebhaja

Indecision Personified! said...

hmm.. nice post! we must do all of these places misha!!!! + what happens to our calcutta darshan list? one more year left! we must gear up and start ticking things off our TO DO list!!

++ we want update! we want update!!


Anonymous said...

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