Tuesday, July 21, 2009

These are a few of my latest addictions

Scrabble on Facebook
I always loved this board game, but ever since I have discovered Scrabble on Facebook, I am completely hooked. Its a different thing that I lose most of them but it gives me a great adrenaline rush amidst other mundane stuff. I usually set the timer at 1 day, but whenever I am relatively free, I play games with a timer of 5 mins, which is the most competitive. I remember that last summer I was hooked onto another word game on Facebook called TextTwirl, an addiction which I caught from my team members during an internship, and kept on playing it for quite sometime.

My number one latest addiction is Scrabble on Facebook.

Sach Ka Samna
The Indian version of "Moment of Truth" is an exciting show, which has me in front of the TV set everyday from 10-30 to 11 pm. I didn't think that Indian audience could accept it with the kind of sensibilities that we have, but its great to see people talking of everything starting from sibling rivalry, alcoholism to extra-marital affairs, children out of wedlock and what not. Its rumoured that many celebrities refused to be a contestant in this game show and till date I have only seen 3 TV actors (including Urvashi Dholakia and Raja Choudhury, better known has Sweta Tiwari's husband) and Vinod Kamnbli, among celebrities, appear on the show.

No one won the top prize in the "Moment of Truth", so it will be interesting to see if any one here wins the one crore jackpot.
I wonder why this show fascinates me. May be, listening to people bring their skeletons out of the closet among near and dear ones, is a very different form of voyeurism, enabling a peek into other's private lives, which is what makes it an addiction.
Sach ka Samna is my latest addiction number two.

Bhaskar Bharti

Ok, I know this mindless serial of Sony is a remake (or copy?) of the hit Argentine show Lalola, it has a very stupid storyline of how a man transforms into a woman and how his life transforms, it is only time pass show, but - it is a good comedy. I especially love watching Ragini Khanna who depicts a man trapped in a woman's body. Her man-like walking and talking is what gives some of the light moments of the serial. The additional attraction is checking out her super cool clothes (reminds me of the time I used to watch "Gossip Girl" only to check out high-end fashion of the west). But I wonder how a man trapped in a woman's body, who reportedly hates girlied stuff like visiting the parlour, has started wearing short stylish dresses right from the begining!! But, as I said, it is anyways a mindless show, but hey fun to watch....

Bhaskar Bharti is my latest addiction number three.

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