Saturday, May 23, 2009

The "Ad" phenomenon on Indian Television

After reading a post by a friend here, I decided to list my fav ads seen on television since the time I started watching TV!

  • Cadbury's Dairy Mil - Kya swad hain zindagi ka (esp the old one where a cricketer hits a six off the last ball and his wife dances into the field, now I totally love "Khush hain jamana, aaj pehli taarikh hain, meetha hain khana - reflects my sentiments best)

  • HDFC Pension Plan - Na sar jhuka hain kabhi

  • Sundrop Refined Oil - "Jalebi" and that ad where the boy makes his way through giant sized puris and finally somersaults into his mother's arms (used to make me wish I could somersault like him)

  • Hutch-Vodafone - all the ads with that cute pug and now those adorable ZooZoos. I also like the little girl who features with the pug.

  • Lux soap - the ads which protrayed the sensuality and beauty of women through the gorgeous heroines of Bollywood and the feminine (may I dare use the word) side of King Khan.

  • Amul Doodh - Roj peeyo doodh (though I never complied with this message)

I especially dislike the following ads:

  • Amul Macho - Yeh toh bada toing hain! (I understand portraying female sexual desire but how? washing your man's UGs with passion? ugh!! The latest one where male species is depicted as the weaker sex is also not done in the best taste)

  • Fair and Lovely - simply for re-inforcing the age-old demand for fair-skinned damsels

  • Axe Deodorants - The Axe Affect, prepare to get assualted (all of them and esp the one where thousands of bikini-clad women run after one man)

I can't think of any more now. Will update as and when I like/dislike any advertisement. Comments and suggestions are most welcome.

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