Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Mirage

If you have ever experienced one-sided love, then may be you will agree with this one...

If my one wish would be granted now
I would ask for your love
Indulging in such a frenzied dream
Has always been so tough!
My life revolves around the image
Of you holding my hand
And smiling into my eyes
Amidst a scenery grand
How I lived for the moment when
I would be asked, ‘ Do you?’
And felt a wild, maddening shiver
That went all through
My body as I gave my best smile to the mirror-
And blushed, closed my eyes, trying-
Not to imagine the terror,
Of being foolish that might
Make you change your mind
Thus, breaking the carefully spun spell
Leaving a frustrated me to find
Solace in drops of tears
As the obvious truth sank in me
‘That my heart loved him with
So much vigour, but never did he.’


jshishir1 said...

mirage..happened to be the name of my blog...but what a post..really filled with emotions...but i guess this poem is apt in any relationship in which there is love...moments come when u feel as if u r taking a step forward and the other person is going back..i do hope to follow more of ur blog..keep up the good work

Sujith said...

shit, am able to relate...

whatsinaname said...

wonderful, excellent, marvellous, astounding, breathtaking, thoughtful and creative. these are few adjectives that I can furnish for the moment. really-your "mirage" is no mirage to the imagination of an avid reader. it is not only well written but the underlying thought too appeals to the basic emotions of despair and deprivation. though this scrap of mine was not initially intended at providing you with a critical review but, I would surprise myself if this time I do not end being verbose for the sake of catering out an unprecedented plethora of compliments.

Frankly speaking, this is the most beautiful poem that you could have ever written and I would be ashamed of my humble powers of judgement if I am ever found on the wrong side of my remark. Sweetheart---- you have truly exceeded yourself in every department by the sheer diction and precision exercised with such elan that is so openly evident in your work. Though I would be playing with fire because of my apparent curiosity, still my instincts hint at a personal angle associated with your poem. I sincerely believe pain and trauma can never be expresed, they can only be experienced. and on that ground you have really succeded in giving the reader a telltale experience. good luck. keep posting.

G. said...

wow, who is this guy. believe me, as someone who's crozzed this threzhold in life with no concrete intentionz of going back, if that update of yourz iz based on factuality (is-that-a-word) you'd better zpend less time thinking & more time planning. hehehehe. on a more seriouz note, one of the bezt blog updatez I've come acrozz. ever.

Misha said...

@shishir and exuberant...thanx for ur comments, looking forward to more...

@shuvo...wow! ur comment is bigger than my post!!!!! n I seriously do not know whether I deserve the long list of adjectives, but since they came from u, I know I can happily bask in their glory...

@g...the poem was written way back in class X n NOT from personal experience...

Political Sinner said...

A beautiful poem and rather a poem that makes you hurt and feel the pain .How can you write like this without falling in love .Great job again .

Personally has not written anythiong on my own blog due to a verey trying schedule .But please do visit my blog .