Thursday, July 10, 2008

Evenings at Marine Drive

Late in the evening, I sat

With a few close mates,

Silent, just staring at

The view beyond so great,

Of splashing waves below

And a dark blue night,

And yonder I saw

The city lit up so bright,

I sang out loud happily

Popping nuts and more,

Staring at the turbulent sea

And its endless shore,

Enjoying the blank feeling

After a long, hard day

Gruelling, but still exciting

My evenings at Bombay.


What's In A Name ? said...

A revving poetess, eh ?? and that's good newz! keep posting! REGULARLY, I mean.

humptydumpty said...

really good!!!...simple and profound...were yu singing or was I..hehe....

Misha said...

@humptydumpty - sweetie, of course it was u who always sang...but i just took a little poetic liberty ;-)

gaurav said...

hey...very nice and cute poem...
keep up the good work lady...

gaurav said...

hey... a lovely poem....
really a nice one..
keep up the good work girl :)