Monday, December 03, 2007

My Delhi Journal: The Begining

When I had bargained for a career of law, I had not foreseen the immensely exciting opportunities that NUJS would throw at me. I had done things at college which I had never thought of, met luminaries from all walks of life, learnt nuances of one of the most fascinating and stimulating courses, and so on and so forth. But nothing can surpass the chance that a legal curriculum offers to have a glimpse at the practical aspects of law through different internships at NGOs, trial court, High Court, Supreme Court of India, firms, banks and corporations. After I had finished my third year of studies, I knew that I was in for some memorable experiences of working under a senior advocate of the Supreme Court in Delhi.
While my parents worried about me leaving Calcutta for the first time and staying alone at Delhi for 6 weeks, I happily anticipated whatever that was in store for me. The days flew by and at the end, I knew that I have acquired a new dimension to my outlook. This series of journal is to share with all, an outsider’s (or may be, a Calcuttan’s) perspective of the capital city.

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