Friday, January 05, 2007

He Arrived To Her!

The clock ticked away
Towards a long night
But she stared ahead
For that wondrous sight
Of her man’s arrival
After a hard fought war
She smiled to think
Of the joy in store
She waited for the moment
When he would be near
And listen to his heartbeat
Loud and clear
Her warm smile shall
End all his fatigue
And welcome him in
With a kiss on his cheek
The clock ticked away
Towards a fresh dawn
The news reached her
Not before long
That her valiant hero
Is now a martyr
Laid in a coffin
He arrived to her.


Damanpreet singh said...


ankurindia said...

nice blog

whatsinaname said...

This poem tells a story. And a sorry one at that. The metre was good until I reached "Her warm smile shall....." and then it just wandered about its path.... BTB...Take a look at my new-look blog. Have refigured it .

Ceruleus said...

Have read this innumerable number of times, dear Misha, and it is good. But do get going, what say?

PS Ask Shuvo who I am :)

FlotsaM said...

nice one....small and sweet