Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Violence Within

We laugh we cry
But never do we try
To curb the violence within

We strike to gain
When they are in pain
Our inner selves so full of sin

Hardly we know
What it takes to sow
The seeds of labour and love

We take the wrong way
So keen to hold sway
Is being honest so tough?

We weep over the dead
Knowing what is being said
The only truth of all things

Our hearts cry ‘foul’!
In answer to our soul
That we all are violent beings.


blade said...

Strongly agree....that's real strong poetry...

whatsinaname said...

vague..............good attempt!!!!

catch 22 said...

There is violence in every human being, but some people curb it some people let it control them. It is imporatant to have violence , I see that as one of our tools for our survival.

Karthik said...

Nice poem !!