Friday, May 26, 2006

One Who is a True Friend...

One who walks in
When the world has been
Cruel enough to walk out

One whose firm hold
Brings hopes untold
Amidst despairs so stout

One who knows
The exact dose
To cure the pains of life

One who is there
With every thing to spare
For your worth and strive

In you who believes
And a trail he leaves
In your life forever

One who smiles
To light up the miles
Even in the darkest weather

Never does he forsake
And a difference he makes
In whatever you have been

On whose shoulder you cry
And words you rely
And confess all your sin

One who never bothers
His friend's ill manners
And accepts you as you are

Corrects your wrong
And makes you strong
At times which leave you scars

One whose touch
Soothes so much
While sharing all your sorrow

Walks hand in hand
As a true friend
Towards a better tomorrow


whatsinaname said...

this rhyming scheme seems familiar........and I told u befor too.its.."light upm the miles"..what's lit?......nevertheless a good poem..the message seems vibrant....( strange how both of our pieces end up having the same names....well almost).


er cheye bhalo kobita hote parena...........truly speaking..........ami er cheye simplae yet so meaningful kobita konodin porini..........great work of are......keep it up.

Prabhu's Blog said...

Pretty Good Job...

How about Trying Fiction

Prabhu's Blog said...

Pretty Good work!!!

Keep it coming