Saturday, April 08, 2006

To Goa With Love

Goa has left an indelible mark in my mind...not just by its exotic beauty with which it beckons every tourist, as I experienced and saw what others fail to...

As I half-lay on my couch on a lazy afternoon
Browsing through the captured moments of Goa, memories
Of my trip to the exotic land came alive before my eyes
Those sunny days, white sands and the blue-green sea
And the never-ending stretches with lovely names
Mira Mar, Dona Paula, Anjuna, Calangute and Bagha
Each with her own distinct and lovely look
All ready to entice me
I spent days and nights
Being seduced by them
And watched through the looking glass
Those bare, white torsos lying in the sun
In an attempt to turn brown
Shops selling memorabilia priced ten times higher
Merrily doing business among tourists
I looked beyond to discover more wonder
Those small huts lining the beach whose
Men go out into the sea everyday
Where naked children play around
Without having their share of basics
But can enjoy endlessly what I can only after
Two days of journey from the other part of the country
Am I jealous of them?
The answer evades me as I close the album
My lazy afternoons dedicated to Goa with love.


swarvanu said...

Such a great poem...i am just the link from orcut..

swarvanu said...

That'z fantastic..i am really the link from orcut...Goa was my first trip after getting my first salary...i loved the trip..